Geolocation Data & Disaster Response

Meta Research produced a series of population products at a high spatial (~ 1 km) and temporal resolution (8 hours or daily) based on the anonymized and aggregated user data of Facebook App since 2017. These products were open to academia and NGOs to support their endeavors of disaster response. A group of veteran users of Facebook's disaster population map teamed up in late 2020 to form CrisisReady, a joint project that aims to improve data readiness, method readiness, and translational readiness while responding to disasters and crises using crowdsourced geolocation data. We have provided situation reports amid major natural disasters around the world, including the 2022 Flood in Pakistan and the Ukraine refugee crisis.

2022 Pakistan Flood

  • An animation showing population change amid devastating floods occurred in Pakistan, summer 2022

Data Service Maintained and Updated to Track Ukraine Refugee Crisis

  • Since late February, 2022, we published a feature data service for collaborators from World Bank and Unicef to better understand the migration and dispersion of people fleeing Ukraine

Comparing different mobility patterns amid two wildfires in California, 2018

Read our recent Environmental Research Letters article on comparing the different mobility patterns for two wildfires occurred near cities and in rural regions of California