UCLA Grand Challenges Projects

In 2015-2017, I participated in a series of projects as a part of UCLA Grand Challenges. Our work focused on the sustainable goals of Los Angeles and conducted projects on

  • Mapping the biodiversity in Los Angeles and stressors to LA's ecological environment

  • Evaluating the determining factors for the participation in LA's turf replacement initiative for water conservation

Biodiversity Atlas for Los Angeles County

  • We adopted the latest 30-meter land cover/land use data from the National Land Cover Database by USGS, nighttime light data from DMSP-OLS and VIIRS, and LandScan gridded population to visualize human's impact on the biodiversity in Los Angeles County

Who's more likely to participate in LA's turf replacement rebate program?

  • We analyzed customer data of LA's turf replacement rebate program from 2015 to 2016 to make sense of what physical and socio-economic factors can better explain the different participation rate across neighborhoods.